Thursday, December 13, 2012


Had you done something new? Had you achieve something or win a competition? Had your closest friends, special someone and you ever got separated and had just reunited recently? Had you gone to reunions, outings, tours, camping, and adventures?  Had you ever gone to places you never have been? I think everyone had just experience all the things mentioned above.

In whatever events we do and wherever we might plan to visit, a camera is always on our checklist. Everyone wants to have something to make them remember all the happiest moments of their lives.  We take pictures to commemorate the events.  That whenever and wherever we would like to reminiscence those events, we could just stare at those photos.

Cameras, however, differ in their specifications and features, and choosing the best camera also differs to the persons using it. However there is one common want for all camera users and enthusiasts, whether they are beginners or experts, they want a camera that would capture in the best quality the moments and events.
NIKON Cameras just offers you high quality photo capture. Nikon Corporation was established on July 25 1917 and only manufactured optical lenses and equipment for cameras of other companies. It was in 1948 when the first Nikon-branded camera was released. But since then Nikon’s product had produced high quality pictures. NIKON created some of the first DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) and in 1999 NIKON released Nikon D1 SLR under its own name. From its name Digital SLR, these cameras don’t need films to take pictures eliminating the film cost every time picture taking is needed. What’s more wonderful is you don’t need spend time to buy films and all you need to do is to insert a memory card, and your DSLR camera is for battle. The latest products of NIKON DLSR camera have a video mode, and with contrast to other digital cameras, NIKON’s video mode also records sounds, making its features more upgraded and attracting to camera enthusiast. As of the present, NIKON focus more on manufacturing digital cameras.
Since Nikon started with lens and equipment manufacturing, their SLR cameras are compatible with a wide variety of lenses. With even back compatibility for those of their newest lenses. This characteristic also applies to their DSLR. And this fact is another plus factor for NIKON’s DSLR camera.

Nikon‘s DSLR cameras have been in the top ten most popular DSLR camera for years. And it still is defending its spots and reputation. It even dominated the top ten lists alongside with its rival camera, the Canon.  As for 2011 Nikon had gotten the top 1 DSLR camera in Japan’s best seller list, specifically the Nikon’s D3100. Nikon’s D3100 is the best DSLR camera for beginners. Nikon D3100 has a guide menu that provides tutorial to newbie users of SLR cameras. Making them more acquainted to their DSLR and some terms in photography. Nikon D3100 is equipped with 3x NIKKOR 18-55mm VR image stabilization zoom lens. This lens has an auto-focus functionality making point and shot possible. This model has a movie mode and is light in weight compare to some DSLR and SLR counterpart. This camera is even inexpensive given all the features. Its affordable price is also a factor why this camera was ranked number one in 2011. Another camera model of Nikon is its D5100. This model is also in a line-up of non-professional camera like the D3100. However D5100 offers more features than D3100 and though this two models are non-professional, D3100 is still more user friendly and cheaper. D5100 does not have the guide menu but has the scene and effect modes. What make D5100 caught the public’s eye is its high resolution articulating screen. On the other hand, Nikon’s D7000 has the pro-level features. This model also has an articulating screen but has a lot to offer than the former two models mention. D7000 has dual SD card slots for more photo and video storage, and its body is composed of magnesium alloy which makes it very durable. It also achieved a superior weather-resistant and dust prevention. As of mode dials, it has nineteen modes that the user can select.

Selecting the best NIKON DSLR camera for occasions really matters on user preferences and budget. Since Nikon's camera line-up always top the sales chart, this just simply mean that Nikon is also doing their best to offer camera enthusiast and user a high level DSLR performance.