Sunday, November 25, 2012


When we go to places we never have been or experience memorable moments in our life, we really treasure it and as much as possible preserve it for the rest of our lives. That's where pictures came in. We take pictures to have remembrance and to some how aid us in reminiscing our past whenever we feel lonely, or whenever we might feel like seeing our past experiences. Moreover, there are moments that happen in a blink of an eye and can never be happen again. So capturing the best moments requires the best cameras. 

Talking with best cameras, NIKON's DSLR cameras offers customers, beginners or experts, a wide variety of choices. What's wonderful with DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera is the image quality. Though there are so still many advantages in using a DSLR. The following are the NIKON's DSLR models that have entered most of the top 10 surveys and reviews.

Captured with NIKON Camera D3100

1. NIKON D7000

This Nikon's pro DSLR Camera, D7000
NIKON D7000 camera has a 16.2 megapixel DX-format image sensor. The key features of this camera model is the Full 1080p HD video with autofocus and manual exposure control, 100-25600 ISO range, 2,016-pixel 3D Color Matrix metering system, 6 frame per second continuous shooting, wireless flash control, magnesium alloy build body,  39-point AF system, super density Viewing Angle TFT-LCD and dual memory card slots. 

2. NIKON D5100

Nikon's mid line DSLR. This model is between the user friendly D3100 and the pro DSLR D700.
    NIKON D5100 is non-pro lineup of Nikon's DSLR but still offers a very variety of powerful features. It has 6.2 megapixel DX-format, ISO 100-6400 range, 11-point AF system, 4 frame per second continuous shooting, Viewing Angle TFT-LCD, and a full 1080p HD video with autofocus. D5100 is a DSLR between the very powerful D7000 and the beginner friendly D3100.

3. NIKON D3100

The user friendly DSLR of Nikon.
       NIKON D3100 is a friendly camera for those who are beginners in using DSLRs. It has a GUIDE menu that has tutorials. This model is the NIKON's first digital SLR in supporting the latest generation of Secure Digital card and the first to offer a 1920x1080 movie recording. It has the key features of 14.2 megapixel DX-format, ISO 100-3200 range, 11-point AF system, and 3 frame per second continuous shooting.

   What's more NIKON offers variety lenses for their DSLR. Many lenses can be interchangeable  with different DSLR models.